Los Monkeys and the Guatemala Adventure

We haven’t been too active, and there are still two countries (Nepal & India) from  our Asia trip to tell you about, but this couldn’t wait: We just booked flight to Guatemala and we are going to spend 20 days discovering this enigmatic Mesoamerican country! Our friend and travel/wedding photographer Rob showed us the “Explore” tab of Kayak.com, a feature that every travel should know about! You simply tell it where you would like to fly out of and the dates, and it shows you a world map with all the destinations and their prices on it. We were delighted to find round trip flights from Bogota to Guatemala City for only $207 per person :D. The temptation was too much to not grab our credit card and go for it. We’ll be there from the 10th till the 28th of July. Have you been to Guatemala? Share your recommendations on the comments! Guatemala, allá vamos!


2 thoughts on “Los Monkeys and the Guatemala Adventure

  1. Hola Monkeys! It seems unnecessary to direct you to Antigua (a no-brainer) but it is not to be missed. Hike to the top of a volcano at sunrise. Bath in Lake Atitlan. Watch out for Quetzals! Vaya con Dios!

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