200 days and counting

Today is our 200th day travel anniversary and a good time to reflect on our journey.

I hope you enjoy it.

Cambodia_Kampot_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_6120_Simon_Uribe-ConversPhoto taken and printed on our way from Kampot to Sihanoukville by Manuel and Raquel (Spain)

To every weird meal, nasty bug bite, drop of sweat, sketchy moment, trust in strangers, acceptance of the present, embracing the moment, savoring the flavors and praying for clean sheets. To the haggling of goods from a scarf to liters of water, hawkers selling you sunglasses, maps, fans, weed and whatever they see, tuk-tuk drivers asking if you need a ride whilst being in another tuk-tuk. The heartbreak of begging mothers holding children, kids picking up trash for hopes of a rice meal. The teen girls standing outside of a Girlie bar secretly hoping no fat Westerner makes his way inside. The broken down bus from here to there, down to up and everything that’s always going wrong. All the struggle and what appears to be little reward. Until it’s realized that tomorrow is far away and today is an adventure. From the flashpackers that share special moments in kindness with locals, to the pouring rain on an island while the tears on your face are the driest object in the room, the joy of seeing the sun and the dread of the heat. To all the mistakes on your face and all the stress on mine. For finally figuring out how to pack wisely and forgetting to think that even for one second we understand. To the uncountable bowls of noodle soup and even more local beers. To you, for taking each situation, problem, joy, and anger with equal sincerity and just grateful to be here. For all the ‘oh shits’ and frustrations. I tell you, you don’t win. There is no win or lose here, only growth and acceptance. No finish lines, just borders. No best, just breathe. No knowing but asking. Take the pride for yourself and toss it out with all the extra weight from your backpack. Give in to the situations in front of you, always keep steady. Take pride in the ability to make a local laugh and playing with their children. Toss a coin, throw up your hands, limit your limitations and step out into adventure.

Tracy Ciel
October 9th 2014



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