Living on Island Time – Koh Rong Samloem


After the buzz of the capital we decided it was time to relax. The decision was easy, go to Koh Rong Samloem, one of the most remote islands in southern Cambodia. And if picking the most remote island wasn’t enough, we booked one of the only two hotels on the west side of the island. This of course meant that we had to hike 40 minutes across the island through the tropical forest.



The hike was totally worth it. We found ourselves on an almost deserted beach with no more than a handful of travelers. Our hotel consisted of very basic albeit lovely bungalows, delicious food, great snorkeling, and the most beautiful sunsets.

Cambodia_Koh_Rong_Samloem_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_9361Our lovely bungalow. Onyx, the lovely black dog, not included





Cambodia_Koh_Rong_Samloem_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_P1110710We saw three black tip sharks while snorkeling!

Koh Rong Samloem is also the diving capital of Cambodia and we, of course, took advantage of this. It was great although we didn’t have the best visibility but it’s always fun to take a few breaths under the sea πŸ™‚



Cambodia_Koh_Rong_Samloem_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_P1110725If you take a photo underwater, does it still count as a selfie?

Cambodia_Koh_Rong_Samloem_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_9221One of many breathtaking sunsets on the island


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