Ito Escapade

In the Izu peninsula, just south of Tokyo with its expressive neighborhoods filled with busy people, lies Ito, where it only takes one onsen to bring you back down to heightened normalcy. An onsen is a natural hot spring and fun fact: Japan has the most in the world. Some seaside towns, Ito for example, sell ‘onsen passes’ to visit multiple throughout the town with different features like co-ed onsens or waterfalls cascading into the spring (sounds really hard I know).  Japan_Ito_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_4600
After Tokyo, Simon and I were ready to enjoy another part of Japan, and Ito made it very easy. During the day we visited a natural reserve near Ito, including riding to the top of a volcano on a chair lift and crossing a 200 ft suspension bridge above the Pacfiic ocean. Needless to say, the adventurous spirit of the Pennisula can turn anyone into a badass.

Japan_Ito_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_4579The view from the top of Ohmuro Volcano


Japan_Ito_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_4563Not a very uplifting ticket!

Japan_Ito_Viaje_Asia_2014-2015_IMG_4540The eastern side of the Pacific Ocean

We stayed at a ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese hotel with tatami mats and three all-natural onsens inside. The remarkable element of ryokan is something found in almost every aspect of Japanese culture: simplicity with intention. To the common eye, the room looked so bare, without a TV or a bed, it didn’t seem worth the price, yet we were so satisfied with our stay and the peace the ryokan contained.



Peace, love, ryokan



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